Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

Hey! Today we’re talking about the top ten best Webtoons, which, in my opinion, centers around amazing stories that build  detailed and interesting culture, rules, laws, characters, and scenery. This will include fantasy worlds and science fiction worlds, and even the real world, as the real world can be as strange as fiction a lot.

Let’s start with the honorable mentions:

Duty After School, Ilkwon Ha

Knight Run, Sungmin Kim

A Matter of Life and Death, The Spinster

Dr. Frost, JongBeom Lee

The Strange Tales of Oscar Zahn, Tri Vuong

Onto the list!

10. UnOrdinary, Uru-Chan:

Link: UnOrdinary

UnOrdinary has a fairly realistic idea for what the world would be like if everyone had superpowers…with a few exceptions. There’s a hierarchy within school, and it seems like people have jobs that match their powers. There’s also different levels to each power, and often enough, people with high-tier powers get treated better than people with low-tier abilities. This world, so far, feels surprisingly realistic.

9. Gepetto, Jewon Yeon:

Link: Gepetto

Gepetto has one of the most detailed backstories for a dystopian universe I’ve read. Since a large part of the story involves its history, it would have to. Basically, there’s a war between androids and humans over the late Dr. Gepetto’s  legacy. This world has an interesting dystopia; humans living in an Earth where a mysterious scientific Institute controls a lot of their lives, while performing unethical experiments involving clones and androids.

8. Cheese in the Trap, Soonkki:
Link: Cheese in the Trap

Although Cheese in the Trap takes place in real life, I still think the world building is really well-done, such as social norms and human behavior. Like with one of my honorable mentions, you really get a feel for what it’s like to be in Korea. College life is very different over there; there’s even more pressure to do well on tests, and I didn’t know that it was highly recommended they learn English. It’s also shown to have a lot of pressure to study abroad. Besides, their way of hanging a with peers is very interesting. Cheese in the Trap is a fascinating window into Korean life.

7. Aisopos, Yangsoo Kim:

Not many Webtoons show what it was like to live in a different time period, but Aisopos shows an interesting version of Ancient  Greece. It’s being ruled under a tyrant, and the main character, although he has done nothing wrong so far, is sent to become a slave. I’m not far into this Webtoon, but so far, it shows Aesop’s life as a slave, which is really interesting. Each prisoner has their own story, and even slaves have their own hierarchy, which Aesop is trying to beat. I have no doubt that there will be more to Ancient Greece then slavery shown, but so far, it’s very detailed.

6. Nightmare Factory, Snailords:

Link: Nightmare Factory
Art Credit: Nightmare Factory Poster

Nightmare Factory may only have a little over twenty chapters, but it’s done a good job at building several worlds, including Kreyul’s dimension, Emai’s dimension, and of course, The Nightmare Exchange. While the two main character’s worlds are a little underdeveloped (all we know is that Kreyul’s home world seems really interesting, and that Emai’s world has vastly different beauty standards than our own), The Nightmare Exchange is very developed. People who get involved have to survive their worst fears for twenty four hours, and it can even simulate other dimensions. I look forward to seeing more about the Exchange, and other dimensions as well.

5. Lackadaisy, Lackadaisy:
Link: Lackadaisy

Like Aisopos, Lackadaisy tackles history, yet in a more fantastic manner; it’s the 1920s in America, but with anthropomorphic cats! I’m still not far into this Webtoon, but I’ve seen enough photos of 1920s America to tell that the author has truly captured buildings and fashion from this era beautifully. And they’ve gotten the speakeasy culture down quite well. It involves performance, illegal activity, machinery, alcohol, and possible murder.  Each character is involved in the speakeasy in some way, as well.

4. Hooky, Miriam Bonastre Tur:

Link: Hooky
Art Credit: HOOKY!

Hooky captures a world of witches, wizards, and humans  very well. It shows the most likely outcome of having magic in the world; discrimination. Although witch burning has been outlawed, witches and wizards alike are still feared and hated. Bonastre Tur has done an amazing job of integrating magic in a fantasy world that still hasn’t come to grips with it. However, not all humans discriminate, and not all wizards and witches are innocent; The Wyttes may have been victims, but their revenge is going much too far. And characters like Mark and Monica prove that humans are capable of accepting wizards and witches.

3. Sword Interval, Ben Fleuter:

Link: Sword Interval
Art Credit: Sword Interval: Wrapping Things Up

Sword Interval is one of the most interesting post-apocalyptic Earths I’ve seen; rather than having zombies or science fiction, monsters and other fantasy creatures come into the mix. They’ve been widely accepted as part of this new Earth, and everyone acknowledges their existence. There’s dragons and ghosts around, and nobody denies that they exist. There’s even a Paranormal Witness Protection Program, and there are bounty hunters everywhere who fight monsters. The monsters can even hire humans, witches, and wizards to work for them!  It’s so interesting to see a post apocalypse handled in this way; it’s truly one of the most creative Webtoons I’ve seen in a long time.

2. Siren’s Lament, instantmiso:

Link: Siren’s Lament

Although much of Siren’s Lament is shrouded in mystery, instantmiso’s idea of Sirens is so unique, I had to put it here. In her vision, Sirens aren’t just women from the ocean who sing to lure men; they’re both men and women who resemble mermaids and mermen. They don’t sing just to lure people to their deaths; they sing to transfer their curse to someone else. Being a Siren is portrayed as something almost akin to depression; isolated, lonely, and hollow on the inside. Sirens are also allowed a talent from their previous life, although they don’t always fit into their new life.  So while characters like Ian may seem petty for being so desperate to transfer their curse to someone else, I really can’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to go back to that life.

1. Space Boy, Stephen McCranie:

Link: Space Boy
Art Credit: Space Boy Episode 56

I struggled with choosing this as number one. I nearly put my number two choice here instead. But I decided on this due to how integrated their technology and culture is; Space Boy’s world may be in the future, but it’s also similar to our present. There are space colonies where people live and mine minerals from. There’s cryogenic freezing, so people from the colonies can come to Earth. And Net Gear! The Net Gear is one of the best parts of the world building; they use it everywhere, even in schools. Net Gear is similar to our iPads in that way. There are prosthetics and robotics experts, and an Artifact in space. Their culture is also really unique; it’s a mesh of other countries. So that’s why I had to put Space Boy‘s world at number one; it feels the most natural to me.

Did you like the list? Any worlds you think I missed? If you liked this list, please like or comment. And as I always follow back, please don’t be afraid to follow! Also, FYI; I’m thinking of editing my Top Twelve Female Leads in Webtoons and Top Twleve Male Leads in Webtoons. I may be replacing some official images with fanart…just wait and see!

36 thoughts on “ Top Ten Best World-Building in Webtoons 

  1. Siren’s Lamet is Gorgeous! I’m so glad that I found it through you. Reading it makes me so happy, even if my ship is drowning in the ocean created from the tears of my broken heart! This story is so good!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was shipping Lyra and Ian, I can’t help it, but it makes me so sad that it is not sailing 😭
        I have read untouchable, Where Tangets meet (gorgeously beautiful btw thank you for that one as well) For the Sake of Sita, Scarce Clover, and others. You have me completely obsessed! Web toons are so gorgeous and the stories are often really well done! Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I actually can’t decide between ships in Siren’s Lament. It’s one of the few love triangles that really stump me. Of course, Where Tangents Meet is amazing! Any others which aren’t romances? I have nothing against them, (I’ve read all the ones you mentioned) but I’m curious. Haha, sorry (not sorry) to get you so obsessed! And your welcome!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not yet, i just started off with the romances because recently I’ve needed to feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, but I hope to read from the other genres sometime soon!

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  2. Great list! Siren’s Lament, unOrdinary, and Space Boy definitely have great worlds! I’ve never heard of Sword Interval before, I’m guessing it’s a Discover WebToon. But it looks like a great read! Keep these posts coming, I enjoy reading them!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is hard. Hmm… I once did a post about books that certain fangirls/boys would like. How about you do that with webtoons? Like for instance Dr. Frost would catch the eye of Sherlock fans. Or maybe do a post about Webtoons that should be animes/ones that have the potential to be.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I so wish they could become anime…instead, they usually become K-Dramas. Like Orange Marmalade, Cheese in the Trap, and Dr Frost became dramas, but I’ve heard negative things about each of them. I think having to replicate the art style would kind of force them to make them more accurate.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. It probably would force them to be more accurate. I’ve heard that Orange Marmalade was a drama, but I didn’t know about the others. If they were anime, I bet it would bring more people into Webtoons if they wanted to read them after they watched the anime. But I also get that production would be really difficult and that there’ll be money issues. But still, it’s a nice idea to play around with. (And this was a really long comment.)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yep…A lot of people would like to see Webtoons come to life as live action, and while they would look stunning, some (no, all) would be better animated. Especially ones like Annarasumanara. But really, I wish some could be animated just because it’d be gorgeous and make Webtoons more popular. It is a fun idea to play around with.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Annarasumanara would make a spectacular anime! I can imagine it as one! And also most of the other Featured Webtoons would look great animated too. I wish Webtoons had a suggestion box where we can feed them ideas.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah, I already know my number one choice for the “if Webtoons were animated list”, lol. Most of the featured ones would make amazing anime. But yeah, money…sigh. They should have a suggestion box and maybe a fanart section, as the majority of comics are from Korea, so readers can’t really submit any art for that, especially if they’re not on deviantArt of something.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Yes! I can’t wait to read your list. And it’s sad that money is an issue. I see creators put fanart at the end of their comics, but I would be easier if they had a fanart button where you can send photos of fanart. (I like how we’re coming up with all these ideas, haha.)

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      8. It would make things a lot easier…and on some days, I think, “I will comment on this toon, saying I gave the author/illustrator a shoutout…” I start to type…and then I realize I’m just advertising, so I quit. 😥. Lol, I should write a short story about that…

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      9. Funny story; whenever I try to do a witty comment, the most liked I’ve gotten is 6. But when I pointed out someone obvious in another, I got 12 likes and a reply… If I’m up late enough sometime this week, I may try to say I gave the writer/illustrator a shoutout, and if anyone criticizes me, I’ll just say that I was trying to make the creator’s day a little better. And it’ll be true; I don’t like advertising. But yeah, I now have a short story in the making!

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      10. LOL. Wait, what’s your user name? And on which Webtoons? I’ll make sure to check out your comments. I’m KDreader02, which is also my Wattpad name. And yes, backup plans are good…especially when there’s truth involved. Like, I don’t mean to advertise. I genuinely want to make the creator’s day a little better. Like when I get a ping back on WordPress, that makes my day better. So, truthful backup plans are the best!

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      11. My user is FreeSpirit211, I’ll try and search yours up, but I have no idea how to follow. (Is there an option?) And I know how you feel, whenever I get a pingback I’m happy. 😄 We can spread it with the authors.

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  3. Kubera and Tower of God are both incredible, especially Kubera. Noblesse and God of High school are great as well, but probably are better for action than worldbuilding…


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